• The Tea Lounge NY (map)
  • 837 Union Street
  • Brooklyn, NY

Tea Lounge

Maxfield will be playing with Kallisti & the Good Find at the Tea Lounge NY on Saturday, June 14 from 9PM to 10 PM.

Kallisti is an aspiring 13 year-old singer and guitarist from Prospect Heights. She is currently studying a variety of musical genres working with Benjamin Wright, bass player of The Good Find. With her smooth, soulful vocals, she brings new interpretation to songs covering genres such as classic rock, blues, R&B and jazz. In her first public appearance, she re-worked the classic Ben E. King song “Stand by Me” at a wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland. She makes her debut performance at the Tea Lounge with The Good Find.

The Good Find is a group of local musicians and friends who have been working together for many years and in many iterations. The music they create reflects their many years experience together. They have worked on numerous projects including Wu Li (new album coming out soon), Dance Fight and SweetPro (original music for the TV series Louie on FX).

Images courtesy of tealoungeny.com and the Tea Lounge NY's facebook page