This season, Louis CK presents 13 new episodes, airing two a week, all with original soundtrack written and performed by studio band – SweetPro (Matt Kilmer, Mike Shobe, Maxfield Gast, Benjamin Wright, Adam Platt, John Shannon, Ryan Scott and audio engineer Adam Tilzer). Monday nights at 10pm EST on FX Network.

Acting as a slightly fictionalized version of himself, a divorced 43-year-old father/comedian living in Manhattan with his two daughters, Louis has found a brilliant way to combine comedy and drama in a way that no one else in the genre has. In it's fourth season, Louis continues to push the limits painting unique vignettes of life's moments from tragedy to beauty. With many special guest appearances including Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Nick DiPaolo, Sarah Silverman, Robin Williams, and David Lynch, Louis CK is in good company as not only the star and creator, but the director, writer, editor, and producer.     

Louie was and remains one of the best on TV--in any given week, maybe the best, period.”
James Poniewozik – Time

Louie remains a small miracle--a shaggy-dog story, hopping with fleas, maybe rescued from a pound, that outdazzles LassieAir Bud and the rest.”
Tom Gliatto – People Weekly

“Season 4 is just as brilliant as the seasons that preceded it.”
Andrew Romano – The Daily Beast

“Back for its fourth season, Louie continues to be TV’s finest oddity.”
Matthew Gilbert – Boston Globe

“Each [episode] stands on its own as a TV art film, an independent work of short fiction.”
Robert Lloyd – Los Angeles Times

“There’s still nothing like it on TV, because there aren’t too many people out there capable of excavating their brains with this much rigor, wit and insight.”
Maureen Ryan – The Huffington Post

“Embracing with raw, unsettling honesty the random absurdities that regularly befall this urban dweller, Louie brilliantly mines the all-too-human comedy of anxiety, insecurity and disappointment--in himself and others.”
Matt Roush – TV Guide

“Yes, the show benefits from superb performances, from series regulars, as well as guest stars like Sarah Silverman and Victor Garber. But it's the writing that puts Louie on the highest possible level of comedy. There simply is no better-written comedy on TV today.”
David Wiegand – San Francisco Chronicle