Silverstein Works has recently launched a new program called the Silver Lining Charity Project.  As school music programs and events in our schools get cut, the next generations of musicians and artists begin to diminish. Silverstein has joined together with endorsing artists and various charities to bring awareness, joy, love, and funding for music back to the youths in need. 

Specifically, our first charitable goal of $5,000 will be donated towards the funding of Children’s musical education programs in impoverished areas. A more formal announcement will be made once the receiving school or charity has been decided.

We stand at the starting line in more ways than one: with our first donation, let’s help spark the imagination and creativity of young minds. Our earliest exposure to the arts often determines our relationship with them for the rest of our lives. Let’s do our part to make sure at least a few more children have that opportunity.

Participating partners include David Liebman, Jerry Bergonzi, Boney James, Jimmie Highsmith Jr., Maxfield Gast, and Silverstein Works.

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Images courtesy Silverstein Works