Maxfield Gast and Militia Hill are excited to release Ogopogo. It’s Gast’s third full-length album and follows in the footsteps of his first release, Eat Your Beats, by combining eclectic elements consisting of lively grooves, unique soundscapes, and sweet melodic horn lines that Gast is well known for.  With 17 brand new and originally composed tracks, Ogopogo is a modern electronic songbook constructed on a sonic canvas that is both exciting, edgy, and, at times, calm and soothing.  

Ogopogo features a variety of break beats and vintage voice-over story lines, tied together with multi-layered saxophones, trumpets, EWI and synthesizers. Pushing the limits of the electronic jazz genre, Maxfield’s cutting-edge sound bubbles through the speakers with an assortment of saxophone and EWI solos – exposing his influences rooted deeply in the Philadelphia music scene.

Gast continues to embrace the vibrant and soulful sound of Philadelphia with Ogopogo by collaborating with Grammy-nominated song writer and pianist Jeremy Grenhart, as well as being built on a funky foundation by New York bassist, Benjamin Wright. From a sunset back-dropped cruise in a convertible with the top down sensation created in Sunday, to a galactic odyssey through time and space in Master Blaster, Ogopogo takes the listener for a ride on an unexpected and eventful musical journey above and below the sea.

After an exciting year in 2014, including performances with Grammy-nominated southern-rockers, Cage The Elephant, and completing a 4th consecutive season of sound tracking with Louis CK and studio band SweetPro for the FX multi Emmy Award-winning series Louie, Maxfield Gast starts 2015 with a bang with the release of Ogopogo on the Militia Hill label.  

Ogopogo is available for purchase at CDBaby and can also be digitally downloaded from iTunes and most digital online stores.