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LA and Philly based producers Brahm Genzlinger & Maxfield Gast create the musical duo Diamond St.

Featuring various artist spotlights.

Initially meeting at Temple University’s Esther Boyer School of Music, Brahm and Maxfield were both intertwined in the Philadelphia music scene. Many years later, after being reconnected through a mutual friend, the two decided to put their similarly creative minds together and begin the writing process. After the summer of 2017 the musical duo, now known as Diamond St., had put together a solid collection of original music, but was lacking a lead vocalist. They decided to tap into Philadelphia’s rich pool of talented singers and joined forces with Nicole Tranquillo and Reade McCardell to finish bringing these two new EP’s to life.

Brahm Genzlinger:

Growing up and cutting his teeth in the Philadelphia music scene as a freelance producer and musician, Brahm Genzlinger's influence can be felt throughout the city's rich culture of original music. As an engineer, producer and seasoned touring musician, Brahm now splits his time between coasts, affiliated with Philadelphia's Milkboy Studio and LA's Redstar Studio, and has worked with artists including The Hardwork Movement, Kenty Love, Pomplamoose and Ty Dolla $ign.

Maxfield Gast:

Widely known as a saxophonist and for his work on the FX Network's Emmy Award winning series "Louie," Maxfield Gast has been active in the Philadelphia and New York scene for much of his career. Outside of the TV realm, Gast has produced and composed music for the big screen and radio as well as being a seasoned touring musician with several solo albums on the Militia Hill label. Maxfield has worked with an array of artists including Reggie Watts, Grammy Award winners Cage The Elephant, and Tri-State Award winning band Work Drugs.

Nicole Tranquillo:

Diamond St.'s first release "Infinity" features the voice and lyrics of Philly's own Nicole Tranquillo. Tranquillo has been primarily working as a songwriter for both the Asia territory and U.S. artists. Living a bi-coastal life between Philadelphia, NYC and LA, she has been tirelessly working in the studio with such producers as !llmind (Drake, Kanye West, Skyzoo), Lifted (Kanye West, Big Sean), The Elev3n (Karmin, Meghan Trainor), Sarom (Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Enrique Inglesias), and countless others.

Reade McCardell:

The second release by Diamond St. entitled "Soft Drink features the voice and lyrics of Reade McCardell. Hailing from the North Eastern US, Reade has crafted incidental music for several independent films, and contributed backing vocals and instrumentation to multifarious albums and shows in addition to being a solo artist. McCardell has worked with a fascinating cast of characters, including but not limited to: Shelly Yakus (former chief engineer and vice president of A&M Records), producer/engineer Phil Nicolo (of Foreigner and The Police) and Glenn Barratt (producer Melody Gardot).

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